Brown eyed girl. Built for high speeds

HTML5 with XML and Mailgun INTEGRATION

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl is clean, modern, and up to date for your fishing needs and comfort. She is extra heavy construction, built for high speeds and high seas with speeds up to 40 knots.

Project features

  • Fast loading, no extra code
    Fast loading, no extra code

    Coded in HTML5 and efficiently built, the website does not rely on JavaScript frameworks. Spending minimal resources, it loads quickly and runs smoothly.

  • Updates in moments
    Updates in moments

    Sections subject to change are stored in XML files, which allows the site manager to make updates quickly and easily.

  • Track email blasts and campaigns
    Track email blasts and campaigns

    Connected to the contact form, the Mailgun app allows the client to keep track of email blasts, newsletters, and other campaigns.

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Superb mobile experience

  • best responsive design
    Responsive Design

    Making your website accessible on all screen sizes is very important for both SEO and user experience.

  • High loading speed
    High loading speed

    We maxmize loading speed in many ways, to keep users happy and engaged while browsing your website.

  • best On-page SEO
    On-page SEO

    Integrating on-page SEO benefits both the user and your Google rankings - so we always include this in the base price.

  • the most Secure websites
    Secure websites

    We use the best coding practices and reliable technolgies to ensure the safety of your site, your information, and your clients.

  • best User experience
    User experience

    A key indicator for SEO results and client conversion - this keeps users interested in your site and services.

  • All-platform integration
    All-platform integration

    Whichever platform you or your users may prefer, we are happy to make it work with your website.