Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce content management system. Built specifically for e-commerce, it is a good choice for small-scale businesses.

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  • Customer rewards
    Customer rewards

    Build customer loyalty and increase retention with the Smile.io Rewards plug-in.

  • Customer referrals
    Customer referrals

    Reward your customers for referrals with the ReferralCandy plug-in.

  • SEO plug-ins
    SEO plug-ins

    Check, fix, and improve Search Engine Optimization with Plug in SEO.

  • Customer support
    Customer support

    Offer free and convenient customer support through Facebook Messenger.

  • Convenient wishlists
    Convenient wishlists

    The Wishlist Plus module doesn't require your users to be logged in.

  • Seamless returns
    Seamless returns

    Build a reilable brandwith AfterShip Returns - a seamless and happy return experience.

  • Pre-Order Manager
    Pre-Order Manager

    This app changes “Add to cart” button to “Pre-Order” for out-of-stock products.

  • Notification alerts
    Notification alerts

    Stop losing sales with the “Back in Stock” plug-in for notification alerts.

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E-Commerce CMS Features

  • Product management
    Product management

    As your business grows, manage an unlimited number of products.

  • Custom theme integration
    Custom theme integration

    Build your own custom theme and integrate it with any e-commerce CMS.

  • Sales statistics
    Sales statistics

    View inventory and sales statistics with your e-commerce Content Management System.

  • Inventory management
    Inventory management

    Manage inventory easily and effectively through your e-commerce CMS.

  • User authentication
    User authentication

    Achieve full, dynamic, and secure user authentication with your e-commerce CMS.

  • Role management
    Role management

    Flexible and straightforward user role management with your e-commerce CMS.

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  • - Shopify template
  • - Brainstorm session
  • - 1 page
  • - 1 revision
  • - $150.00 for additional revisions
  • - $150.00 for additional page



  • - Customized Shopify template
  • - Brainstorm session
  • - 1 page
  • - 3 revision
  • - $200.00 for additional revisions
  • - $200.00 for additional page



  • - Website from scratch
  • - Custom Shopify CMS
  • - Brainstorm session
  • - 1 page
  • - 3 revision
  • - $300.00 for additional revisions
  • - $300.00 for additional page



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