Node JS

Commonly used for traditional web sites and back-end API services, Node JS is a highly efficient non-blocking io language.

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Node JS

  • Reliable routing
    Reliable routing

    Reliable routing with Express.js, the de facto standard server framework for node.js.

  • Requests made simple
    Requests made simple

    Built for maximized simplicity, the Request package is the simplest way to make http calls.

  • Advanced process management
    Advanced process management

    PM2’s built-in load balancer allows for advanced process management.

  • Real-time chats
    Real-time chats

    Achieve excellent user experience with, a real-time chat package.

  • Server-side rendering
    Server-side mark-ups

    Manipulate server-side mark-ups with jQuery using Cheerio

  • Mailing with ease
    Mailing with ease

    Speedy and convenient mailing with the Nodemailer and Mailgun packages.

  • On-the-fly Node apps
    On-the-fly Node apps

    Build Node apps quickly and generate HTML mark-ups with plain JavaScript using EJS.

  • Flexible indexing
    Flexible indexing

    Choose MongoDB and Mongoose to store data and achieve flexible indexing and querying.

  • Schema validation
    Schema validation

    Validate MongoDB object schemas with the Joi data validation library.

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  • Efficient state transfers
    RESTful API

    RESTful APIs use plain text files to make server requests, making for efficient transfers.

  • Server-rendered websites
    Server-rendered websites

    Better SEO and faster browser loading with pre-rendered single-page applications.

  • Database caching
    Database caching

    Millions of requests per second for real-time applications with Redis database caching.

  • Database-server connections
    Database-server connections

    Connect any database to any server, including MongoDB, Postgre, and MySQL.

  • User authentication
    User authentication

    Achieve full, dynamic, and secure user authentication with JWT Authentication.

  • Flexible hosting
    Flexible hosting

    We work with reliable hosting providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google.

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  • - Social login
  • - Dynamic content
  • - Push notifications
  • - Standard analytics



  • - Social and email login
  • - Storing text and file data
  • - Integrated with existing simple data sources
  • - Integrated with existing simple 3rd party sources
  • - User location data
  • - Push notifications
  • - Advanced securty for sensitive data
  • - Detailed analytics



  • - Social and email login
  • - Storing text and file data
  • - Integrated with existing complex data sources
  • - Integrated with existing advanced 3rd party sources
  • - Location data and maps for basic navigation
  • - Sync data across devices
  • - Advanced securty for sensitive data
  • - Detailed analytics
  • - Content management system



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