When it comes to e-commerce, Toronto Web Design has firmly established itself as a leading force in the web development industry. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing superior e-commerce services designed to help our clients achieve their online business goals. We offer an array of sub-services that form a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • Custom e-commerce web development: We create highly responsive and user-friendly websites designed to enhance the customer shopping experience. Our approach ensures that your website is not just an online store, but a platform that resonates with your brand and reflects its values.
  • Advanced product sorting and filtering: Our team is adept at implementing sophisticated product sorting and filtering systems. This feature allows customers to easily navigate through your product offerings and find what they’re looking for with the least amount of hassle.
  • Purchase tracking: With our advanced purchase tracking feature, customers can monitor the progress of their orders from the point of purchase to delivery. This fosters a sense of transparency and trust between your business and your customers.
  • Conversion-boosting features: We integrate features like abandoned cart reminders and one-click purchase options to optimize your sales funnel and maximize conversion rates.
Alonso’s hand-made leather goods online store

Case Study 1: Small Online Store

One of our successful projects involved a small online store specializing in handcrafted goods. The client wanted to improve their online presence and increase sales.

We started by redesigning the website to provide a seamless and intuitive user interface. We then integrated advanced product sorting and filtering features, allowing customers to easily find products by category, price, popularity, and more.

The result was a 50% increase in website traffic and a 30% increase in conversion rates within three months of the website’s launch. The client was delighted with the outcome and has since seen a significant boost in their online sales.

Beyond simply creating e-commerce platforms, building a successful online store involves various strategies and considerations that apply to all forms of business models. Whether you’re an established brick-and-mortar retailer venturing into online sales, a service-oriented business expanding its customer reach, or a startup aiming to carve out its niche in the digital marketplace, effective e-commerce strategies can significantly enhance your business performance.

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Mochinini implements dynamic product attributes, sorting and filtering

Case Study 2: Mochinini

Mochinini is a popular online store selling women’s clothes and sneakers. Their goal was to enhance the customer shopping experience while boosting conversions.

We implemented our advanced product sorting and filtering feature, allowing customers to find products based on various parameters such as size, color, price, and style. This made the shopping experience more personalized and efficient, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

We also integrated the advanced purchase tracking feature. This allowed customers to monitor their orders in real-time, fostering transparency and building trust.

To boost conversions, we added features like abandoned cart reminders and one-click purchase options. These features targeted potential customers who had shown interest in products but hadn’t completed the purchase.

The results were impressive. Mochinini saw a 70% increase in conversion rates and a 60% increase in repeat customers within six months. The enhanced shopping experience also led to a notable improvement in customer reviews and ratings.


In essence, the potential for growth and success with an e-commerce store is immense, reaching far beyond the scenarios and case studies covered in this article.

It’s important to understand that despite the maturity of the e-commerce industry, it’s a dynamic and evolving space, filled with abundant opportunities waiting to be captured.

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