Join a winning team

Our compact, nimble firm gives every team member the chance to contribute substantially to our detail-oriented roadmap to triumph.

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Command of Projects & Assignments

Enjoy full autonomy over your tasks and projects, granting you the freedom to bring your innovative ideas to the forefront.

Significant Education & Tools

We provide access to a wealth of training materials and resources, significantly enhancing your skills and equipping you to tackle any challenge head-on.

Growth Opportunities

Our company culture encourages personal and professional growth, fostering an environment where development is a shared journey, not a solitary race.

Flexible & Remote Work Schedule

Break free from the traditional nine-to-five. With us, you can tailor your work schedule to suit your lifestyle, achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

Virtual Work Options

Our company offers the opportunity to work from anywhere. Embrace the comfort of your own space while working on exciting projects and initiatives.

Friendly Team 😃

Be a part of a team filled with supportive and cheerful individuals, making work not just fulfilling, but also enjoyable.

Andrei Aristov

Founder & Creative Director

Tim Chadwick

Project Manager

Max Boro

Branding & Marketing

Xenia Ree

Lead Designer

Max Podkor

Blockchain Development

Syed Hamza

Web Developer