About The Toronto Web Design Company

Operating since 2012, The Toronto Web Design Company (TWD) is a media company specializing in website design and development. We offer a variety of marketing services, from logo and graphic design to business cards and Search Engine Optimization.

We pride ourselves on our personalized approach - we love creating custom graphics and designs that strengthen the unique identity of the brands we work with.

  • about expanding
    2019: Expanding to International Markets

    As the new year approaches, we are expanding connections abroad - and this means more opportinties for our clients.

  • about US Markets
    2016: Expanding to US Markets

    We took the next step and reached out to businesses and clientele south of the border.

  • about Opening the Head Office
    2014: Opening the Head Office

    We packed our stuff and moved to our first office in downtown Toronto, right near City Hall.

  • about Forming Our Company
    2013: Forming Our Company

    In 2013, we decided to make things official and registered our company as the Toronto Web Design Company.

  • about Forming A Team
    2013: Forming A Team

    We soon figured two heads were better than one, and hired our lead designer. We also opened our first home office.

  • about A Freelance Venture
    2012: A Freelance Venture

    Like many others, our venture started out as a freelance one, with coffeeshops and libraries as our primary workspaces.


A new kind of blog

Our Learn section is more than just a blog - it’s a place where we share all we know about the latest trends in technology, design, and marketing.

Happy reading.

  • learn seo

    The notorious world of Search Engine Optimization - let us explain.

  • learn content

    The power of content: converting visitors to clients and user engagement.

  • learn design

    From basics to excellence - what is web design and what can it achieve?

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